When you might need a car accident attorney

Have you suffered serious injury or wrongful dealt loss because of car accidents in your family or friends’ circle? Are you searching for an experienced and highly qualified specialist concerning vehicle and motorcycle accidents? If so, you are welcome to turn to a car accident lawyer or various car accident attorney agencies in South Carolina. They provide highly effective legal representation with attentive hands-on service and commitment to the victims of accidents and wrongful death cases.

When you might need a car accident attorneyStatistics speak much and without any restrictions. According to the NHTSA, about 21,000 people are killed on the roads, and approximately 2 million people are seriously injured in passenger vehicle accidents annually in the U.S. These figures may sound incredible, but this is the cruel truth of life. 10% of car accidents victims become disabled and stay crippled all their lives. First and foremost, these accidents are caused by the following reasons:

  • negligence in stopping by red light or stop signs, click here to read more information about car accidents that are caused by negligence
  • Failing to look in all proper directions before entering streets or making turns (for drivers)
  • Making an illegal or unsafe lane change
  • Unlimited speeding
  • Using phone
  • Fatigue, use of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to give right of way

l acting carelessly in the traffic jam.

It goes without saying that in the case of any motor vehicle accident, you should follow step-by-step guide for accurate decision of your problem.

  • Find out that you and your passengers both at front and back seat of the car are safe and haven’t undergone serious trauma
  • Realize the potential damage of the situation and call the emergency and the police
  • If you are involved in car or motor vehicle accident with other driver, inquire for specific details such as his name, address, car model, amount of passengers (including children) and their safety
  • Take full responsibility and soberness of the road accident
  • Take into account the position of motor vehicles on the road. Draw the plan on any sheet of paper you can find
  • Note specific weather conditions such as slippery roads or foggy weather
  • Take photographs or other specific details of the accident
  • Get at least two witnesses for the case and write down their names and phone numbers
  • Find a licensed personal injury and car accident attorney in South Carolina area

After these steps, obtain professional initial consultation with your car accident attorney keeping in mind all specific details and nuances. The sooner you report to the police and corresponding institutions, the better decision you can get about your particular case. Confirm your participation in litigation procedures within the case.

As soon as you register your claim, professional auto accident lawyer takes the following steps:

  • l Register the claim according to your car specification (car, truck car, motor cycle, bike, etc.)
  • l Take you through the whole process of solution
  • l Arrange and proceed vehicle documents and technical passport
  • l Discuss insurance contractual forms and conditions
  • l Introduce any necessary changes to your legal action and proceedings.read more information about things to do after car accident at http://www.edmunds.com/car-safety/what-to-do-after-a-car-accident.html

So, If you or any member of your family has suffered from severe consequences of the car accident, you should speculate about the solution with auto accident attorney on the spot. Keep in mind that if too much time goes by before the real procedure, there might appear severe difficulties in proving your rights and take wise decision about your claim.