Injured in a car accident South Carolina?

Being involved in a car accident is probably the most terrifying and scary moment in one’s life. It even becomes worse when you sustain injuries, whether serious or minor ones. Other than the shock, pain and suffering caused by the injuries, victims have to deal with medical expenses, hospitalization, missed work or events and consequently loss of income. Dealing with the repercussions is also a very tiresome and stressful process, which might end up being very expensive. No one ever wants to find themselves in such a situation but if you ever do, remember that you do not have to suffer alone, in many cases you Need To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit In South Carolina to get the compensation for your sufferings.

Importance of hiring a car accident attorney

It is necessary for an accident victim to have an auto accident attorney, who will oversee the injury claims hence leaving the victim stress free so as to focus on healing. An auto accident lawyer should offer free consultation services. click here to read more information about how to contact a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer helps you in dealing with cases involving loss of work, unfair death, medical bills, injuries and damage of property. Upon successful injury claims, the victim may obtain compensation for asset damages, medical expenses, emotional suffering and pain, and any other financial costs incurred.

Injured in a car accident South Carolina?

What do you do when involved in an accident?

  • In cases of minor accidents, move your car from the road. If it is not possible to move the car, make sure the hazard lights are on and also set cones in place. This prevents additional accidents from happening.
  • Call 911 if someone has been injured.
  • Take photos or videos of the scene. This will help you when filing your claim.
  • Write down information of those involved in the accident. This should include the name, phone number, address, make and model of the car, the insurance carrier, insurance number and vehicle plate number.
  • If there is any police officer in the scene, get the following information: the name, badge number, police report number and phone number.
  • Get to talk to any witnesses around and let them tell you what they witnessed. If possible, get their names, addresses and contacts.
  • Also get a duplicate of the accident report.
  • Never leave the scene of the accident until all the processes are over especially if the accident was fatal.
  • File an accident report at the nearest police station. This will help your insurance company to speed up your claim.
  • Have a clear understanding of what has been covered in your insurance policy.
  • Call your insurer and file a claim.
  • Follow up on your treatment. Note all the medics who attend to you, keeping an account of all medications received. Also keep a copy of the medical bills and reports. These greatly help when claiming reimbursement.
  • Avoid talking about the accident with anyone else except your car accident lawyer, the police and your insurance agency.

What are the possible compensations that can be obtained after car accident?

These include:

Medical Expenses – After giving an account of the treatment received and producing copies of medical bills, the law requires that the victim receives reimbursement from the insurance company. Damages of the car. Lost wages for not attending work.